Bumper Sticker

Appreciating that little extra bit of footage at the end of movie trailers We all love trailers. You can read about how much I really loved a certain trailer that came out recently in this post.¬†Trailers are artfully done, they tease the action we are going to see in a movie. They even tell their … Continue reading Bumper Sticker

The 2016 Domhnall Gleeson Award

Joe reviews the actors and actresses that had the best year in 2016, by his particular criteria. With the Oscars just one week away, it is time to dive into a particular fake category I love to observe: The best year by an actor, aka the Domhnall Gleeson award. You can tell this has been a lifelong passion of mine as a movie nerd because I name this award after actor Domhnall Gleeson's spectacular 2015 in which...(keep reading)